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What Can You Do to Avoid a Partnership Dispute?

When you work in a partnership, the last thing you want is to have a fight or argument over an aspect of your business. You need to work together so that you can both move your business forward and make it as profitable as possible. While some disputes may be...

Can You Leave Your Business to Just One Heir?

If you’re thinking of passing on your family business, the process can get complicated. Maybe you have four children, and you’re dividing everything you own evenly. But what about the business? Perhaps you have someone in mind who you think can carry on your legacy at...

Did a Trustee Violate Their Fiduciary Duty?

Your parents or grandparents put a trust in place for you because they wanted to protect the wealth (and you) from grasping fingers. What if they put the wrong person in charge of it? Trustees are tasked with managing the assets within a trust in a way that preserves...