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Securities Lawyers For Your Capital Raising, Equity Incentives, Regulatory and Compliance Needs

At , our business lawyers are well-versed in securities laws and can assist with all aspects of its stocks and securities. Whether your corporate entity has private stock options or is a publicly traded Fortune 500 company, our securities lawyers can provide the legal support that you need.

Evaluating And Implementing Capital Growth Strategies

Whether you are in the early stages of establishing your corporate entity and are considering the issuance of stock as a method of raising capital for your company or if your existing company is considering an expansion and looking to go public, our securities lawyers assist with all aspects of securities laws and compliance. We help our corporate clients with:

  • Evaluating potential capital growth strategies
  • Evaluating equity offerings to ensure compatibility with a client’s capital structure
  • Implementing equity and debt offerings
  • Gathering and preparation of disclosure documents
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal securities laws
  • Conducting regular risk assessments to ensure continued success within the frequently evolving legal landscape of securities laws
  • Facilitating conflict resolution and protecting our clients’ capital interests when and if it ever becomes necessary

We represent business entities, funds, and investors in issuances of and issuers of stock, notes, LLC and partnership interests and other private securities. A goal that is always at the forefront of our legal service to our clients is to reduce client expenses through prevention counseling and risk-avoidance measures. We will help you make sure that your investment offerings are in compliance with state and federal securities laws.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Guidance

Securities laws are constantly changing and evolving to protect shareholders and investors in global markets. Our attorneys at Goodsill strive to stay abreast of evolving trends and changing regulations provide an experienced voice for the legal interpretation of the laws in our state.

Consult A Securities Lawyer To Discuss Your Corporations Capital Needs.

Our securities lawyers are available by appointment. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your corporation’s legal goals and capital needs, contact our offices by calling 808-201-6590 or by sending an inquiry through our website.

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