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Serving Businesses with Our Relationships, Resources and Experience

Goodsill serves domestic and international entities of all sizes with business transactions both in Hawai‘i and elsewhere.

Our Business Law Services

Using our resources, relationships and experience, we provide a full range of legal services to large, small and family-owned business clients alike. Our practice group is diverse and includes the following areas of expertise:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and other transactions: Negotiating, structuring and consuming stock and asset acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, reorganizations and dissolutions, tender offers, leveraged buyouts and “going private” transactions
  • Corporate governance: Advising officers, directors, committees, shareholders and debtholders on matters of corporate governance. These include director and officer obligations and fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, shareholder rights, voting and proxy matters, insider trading, codes of conduct, conduct of shareholder meetings and shareholder agreements.
  • Formation: Counseling regarding choice of entity and preparation of documents for the formation and organization of corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs), general and limited partnerships and joint ventures
  • Qualification to do business: Advising regarding compliance with (or exemption from) requirements for qualification to do business in Hawai‘i, including procurement of permits and licenses
  • Business operations: Structuring business arrangements, negotiating and preparing contracts, and advising on tax, antitrust and consumer protection implications of business decisions, compliance with trade regulations, environmental laws and requirements, and employment matters and contracts
  • Securities: Representing issuers of stocks, bonds, notes, and tax – exempt securities in registration of private placements, and offering advice concerning compliance with periodic reporting, beneficial ownership and other disclosure requirements
  • Debtor – creditor relations: Representation of secured and unsecured creditors in liquidation, reorganization and insolvency proceedings and in non – judicial workouts
  • Emerging growth companies: Advising and preparing documents for entrepreneurs from startup through financing and exit strategy
  • Regulatory compliance: Advising on compliance with local, state and federal regulations, including regulations related to taxes, labor and employment; environmental matters; international trade and immigration; and unclaimed property compliance
  • Litigation and arbitration: Litigation, administrative proceedings and arbitrations involving several forms of businesses and all types of commercial and securities disputes
  • Immigration: Employment – Based Immigration – Representing U.S. and foreign – based businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, traders, and multinational companies seeking to bring transferees from a foreign office to the United States. Assisting U.S. businesses in bringing in foreign employees by obtaining appropriate visas. Helping individual clients obtain nonimmigrant and lawful permanent residency status in the U.S. through employment opportunities (non – immigrant visas that we handle are primarily E-1, E-2 and L-1)
  • Organization and Planning
  • Commercial Contracts and Agreements
  • Captive Insurance: Handling all related legal matters in captive insurance cases.

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