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New Sample Notices Available to Inform Employees of the Hawai‘i Health Connector by October 1, 2013

Sep 11, 2013

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, employers covered by the FLSA must provide written notice of the Health Insurance Marketplace to all current employees by October 1, 2013.  Thereafter, the written notice must be provided to new employees at the time of hire.

Sample “Hawai‘i” notices are available at www.akamaiemployer.com. The Hawai‘i samples meet Department of Labor requirements, and have been tailored to employees in Hawai‘i by including information about the Hawai‘i Prepaid Health Care Act and Hawai’i’s Health Connector, which is the Health Insurance Marketplace in our state.  Employers can use either sample notices posted on the Department of Labor website or the Hawai‘i notices.

Terri O’Connell prepared the Hawai‘i sample notices and concentrates her practice in the area of health care law.

For more information, visit www.akamaiemployer.com.

Get the full article and additional articles at our blog, Hawai‘i Labor & Employment Insider for the Akami Employer

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