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Serving the Immigration Needs of Businesses

Goodsill serves the immigration needs of businesses and individual investors, located within the United States, as well as those who are seeking to establish themselves in the U.S. We represent clients from virtually every continent, particularly from the Asia/Pacific region.

Our immigration practice is closely tied to other legal services provided by our full-service law firm. For example, business and immigration clients frequently seek our services with respect to their corporate, real estate property, labor, licensing, estate planning, and other business needs. Goodsill has attorneys and staff with capabilities in Japanese and Korean languages.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Employment-Based Immigration – Representing U.S. and foreign-based businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, traders, and multinational companies seeking to bring transferees from a foreign office to the United States. Assisting U.S. businesses in bringing in foreign employees by obtaining appropriate visas. Helping individual clients obtain nonimmigrant and lawful permanent residency status in the U.S. through employment opportunities (non-immigrant visas that we handle are primarily E-1, E-2 and L-1)

To schedule an initial consultation, call 888-473-1229 or send us an email.

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