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2 Ways the Right Building Permit Protects Your Investment

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Real Estate

You might think it is easy to start building your real estate, but local and federal governments ask that you have permits before you build. These permits do more than check a few boxes on forms for the government. They can also help protect your financial investment and your business.

Knowing why you should have building permits can keep you from many dangers and fines. Here are a few reasons having a permit can save you from trouble:

You increase your protection

There are plenty of risks when building real estate: A wall could fall in, the floor could give away or someone simply slips. Knowing what hazards you and your workers can encounter can raise safety awareness. 

Having a building permit officially approved by the local government shows your insurance that you took the initiative to establish what dangers can arise. Your insurance may not cover injuries during construction without a permit. 

You do not have to worry if your project violates the law

You need to know how your land can be managed and how much through zoning permits. You may be restricted from building a new room, garage or pool if a zoning permit limits your project boundaries. Having a zoning permit can save you the hassle of being fined or even having your project torn down. 

Do not rush into getting just any permit. When it comes to building on your real estate you do not want to fall behind schedule. An experienced eye could help you know the fine print on your permit.

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