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Goodsill’s Commitment to Hawaii Businesses Illustrated in Successful Defense Against Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Firm News

For more than a century, Goodsill has been part of Hawaii’s legal and business community. Its team knows the lay of the land, how things work, and most importantly, how to protect a client’s legitimate interests within the bounds of the law.

Gail Cosgrove, a Goodsill attorney, recently helped a Hawaii hospital successfully defend itself against a medical malpractice suit. The outcome underscores the crucial role Goodsill plays in supporting local businesses, particularly in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

For the hospital, the stakes were high—not just in terms of potential financial liabilities, but also in maintaining trust within the community.  The jury was asked by opposing counsel to award a verdict in excess of $100 million in damages.  Amidst the complexities of the legal process, Cosgrove, and her Goodsill defense team of partner Maegan Ruggles and associate Lindsey Barrios, provided the hospital with a robust defense strategy. The case went to trial before a Hawaii jury and resulted in a defense verdict.  “Everything went pretty much as planned,” Cosgrove says, “but you can’t do that without having experienced people who are good at their jobs.”

This successful defense not only safeguards the hospital’s reputation (as well as its physicians and staff) but also reinforces the broader significance of legal advocacy in the local business landscape. Law firms like Goodsill serve as invaluable allies, offering guidance, counsel, and protection against legal challenges.

Moreover, the impact of such outcomes resonates beyond individual clients. It bolsters confidence in the local legal ecosystem, reaffirming the capabilities of Hawaii-based firms in handling complex litigation with finesse and professionalism. In essence, this case serves as a testament to the relationship between law firms and local businesses, where legal expertise becomes a cornerstone of success and resilience in a dynamic and challenging environment.