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Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii’s Walk in the Country Event

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Hawai‘i Life

As the sun set over West Oahu on the evening of Saturday, August 12, Goodsill partners, Leighton Yuen, Dale Zane, Michael O’Malley, Daniel Lam, and Joseph Dane, joined others at the Four Seasons Resort at Ko Olina in support of the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii’s “Walk in the Country” Event. The highlight of the evening included both silent and live auctions that helped raise funds to support the vital work being done by Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.

This marked yet another year of Goodsill’s unwavering support of the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, a commitment the company and its attorneys have honored for many years. Goodsill wholeheartedly believes in the Club’s mission of promoting positive youth development, providing safe environments, and offering educational and recreational opportunities that empower Hawaii’s children to thrive and succeed.

Goodsill’s presence at this event wasn’t just about philanthropy; it was also a show of solidarity with many of the company’s clients that also co-sponsored the event.


Goodsill partners sit around an outdoor table with many others at the Walk in the Country event.