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Strategic Use Of Alternative Dispute Resolution For Clients

Mediation and arbitration have increased in popularity in recent years. Mediation offers parties the opportunity to work toward mutually beneficial solutions with the assistance of a neutral mediator. Similarly, parties in arbitration present their case before an impartial arbitrator who issues a binding final decision.

At Goodsill, we know firsthand the details of these forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). From our office in Honolulu, we represent clients worldwide who wish to achieve favorable solutions to business disputes out of court. No matter how complex the dispute you have encountered, you can feel confident in our ability to minimize costs and to work toward resolution of the matter efficiently.

The Benefits Of ADR

Companies and individuals across all industries use mediation as a method to solve problems and avoid costly litigation. Arbitration has long been a method for business entities to end disputes. These alternative dispute resolution methods offer many advantages, including:

  • Privacy: Unlike trial proceedings which are public, ADR remains private.
  • Amicable relations: Litigation is necessarily adversarial. ADR can help parties remain on polite terms.
  • Cost-efficiency: Generally, mediation and arbitration cost less than a trial.
  • Time-efficiency: Though speed varies case by case, ADR usually moves faster than litigation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can sit down with you to discuss whether alternative dispute resolution would suit your particular circumstances. With a team of more than 50 attorneys, we understand how to use each method strategically to achieve your objectives.

Speak With A Lawyer Today

The sooner you initiate a mediation or arbitration, the closer you can be to resolving your business dispute. Goodsill is here to assist you. From our Honolulu office, we serve clients around the world. To schedule your initial consultation with us, call 808-547-5600 or send us an email. We have Japanese-language capability.

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